Winter - Theme party ideas

Winter usually means an excess amount of time spent indoors. Have you over-played all the board games that you have? Is your family bored and have nothing to do because of the blizzard outdoors? Our scavenger hunt is the ideal activity for the whole family!
Our winter themed scavenger hunt is great for anyone! Children ages 3 and up, as well as adults can enjoy this fun filled and adventurous activity! This activity is so versatile that you won't get bored of it after playing it once! You can mix it up by solving the mysteries of this hunt as a group, after that have a competition and split up into teams.
You can also constantly mix up the teams to get different results, and never ending fun. A few ideas for teams are: children vs. parents or boys vs. girls, or any other divider you can think of!

This theme is also great during other seasons. If you are throwing a party or any sort of friendly gathering, you can make it more exciting by giving it a fun theme. During the scolding sun of the summer this is a great relief from the heat. Transform your house into a winter palace! Hang up some paper snowflakes on the windows, put out Christmas cookies and maybe play some winter or Christmas music to complete the transformation!

Our themes are appropriate for any age group or occasion! We have puzzles intended for preliterate kids which are made up of vibrant pictures. Other unique puzzles that we offer are jigsaw puzzles - that need to be cut out and put together, cryptic puzzles - that need creativity to decode them (one example is reading the clue via a mirror) and many more unique puzzle styles!

Is this not quite what your looking for? We are constantly adding themes, so you are sure to find the perfect theme for any occasion, be it for a family evening, a birthday party, or a friendly soiree!
Its easy to create your scavenger hunt! It takes just 5 minutes to select the age group and the theme, and we take care of the rest. You can also print out the free theme matching invitations!

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