Wild Wild West - Theme party ideas

Step back in time to the days of cowboys and sheriffs! The year is 1876, Big-M and his crew have stolen the town's most valued item - the secret recipe to the nation-wide famous chicken fingers! The recipe is what put your small town, Ashland, on the map. Without it, Ashland will turn into a small obscure village, which will soon fall into the hands of Big M and his crew, which will wreak havoc on the townspeople, and chaos will be a way of life!
You have been selected, by the sheriff himself, out of the top cowboys to recover this priceless document!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

...involves the recovery of the stolen classified recipe. You may choose anyone for your team. You must uncover Big-M's lair and retrieve the recipe. The only thing you have to go on is a small clue that Montgomery left behind.
You must return the document to the sheriff before this valuable recipe is auctioned off to the highest bidder! This is a race against time!

Partners in Crime

You may do this by yourself, however it is strongly discouraged -as this is a very dangerous mission! You can choose as many people to help you search for this item.
To make this a little more fun, you can split up into teams. One team is the Crime-Fighters hired by the sheriff to recover the recipe, and the other team is Big-M's Crew.
The crew is attempting to retrieve the recipe and sell it before you get to it and return it to the highly secured vault, located in a highly classified location!

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