Sports - Theme party ideas

Are you, or someone close to you a sport fan? Are you or are they having a pre-party for the super-bowl or for the opening season of baseball, or just a party because they are fun?
Then this is the perfect activity for you and your friends! Have a blast participating in an active game while enjoying your favorite sport!
All our scavenger hunts are very versatile and can be played with or without teams, whatever you decide! Added with the fact that this is appropriate for any age, makes this the ultimate activity for any occasion! From children ages 3 all the way to adults, everyone will enjoy every moment of this fun filled and exciting scavenger hunt!

Making this a perfect activity

Make sure to complete your sport-themed scavenger hunt by hanging up posters of your favorite athlete, as well as sport relating streamers! In addition to the house decorations you might want to ask everyone to wear there favorite jersey. If you decide to play with teams you can divide teams by different sports. O you might want to focus on one specific sport, in which case each team will represent a different team from that sport, and each player on that team can be a player from that same team that he or she is representing!
To complete the afternoon you may want to have a nice BBQ - just like tailgating before the kickoff! You could also decide that after completing the hunt, you want to partaking in a friendly game of your favorite sport!

Creating your Scavenger Hunt is as easy as yelling BLITZ!

Creating this theme is quick and easy. All you need is to select your age group, theme, and location of hints. Leave the rest to us! You will be done in less than 5 minutes!

We offer a variety of themes, so you are sure to find the right theme for any occasion! We have scavenger hunts for preliterate children, for those who love to pretend to be detectives, and anything in between! All of our themes include matching invitations.

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