The Royal Family - Theme party ideas

With the United Kingdom having the most famous Royal Family its easy to see why we all like to find out more about them. Prince William and Kate Middleton's British wedding has sparked up a lot of interest amongst the public as well as the souvenir makers!
Whether the wedding day has passed or not as you're reading this it's still a celebration that you can continue in your household with friends or family by doing fun treasure hunts. Royal Family souvenir collectors will especially love them - even if its just to keep the treasure hunt puzzle pages as a memory of the event.

Party Like Royalty

This theme was created to commemorate the Royal Wedding and it makes an ideal treasure hunt game for adults but of course children can enjoy it too. You could have a royal themed party and get everyone to come in their best formal clothes. The hosts could wear those plastic accessory crowns to act as the King and Queen. If you can't find any you can always just make your own. For children a prince or princess fancy dress costume would be perfect. Get friends or family to act as doormen to welcome your guests or play servants, guards etc.

A treasure hunt idea could be to seek out the Royal Family's Crown Jewels. The treasure can be something cheap though of course like those edible sweet necklaces and lollipop rings.

Making Your Royal Treasure Hunt Game

There are loads of treasure hunt games to browse through on this website to suit adults and children 3 upwards. You can make your own themed game in minutes using the user friendly online tools. Plus to make it extra special you can create free matching themed party invitations to give out to your guests.

When making your game all you have to do is choose an age range, theme and clue locations. Then the game is made up for you to just download and print off. You don't have to think of your own puzzles and clues. We have already done that for you to save time and make it hassle free. There are also plenty of fun hints, tips and ideas to browse through too.

It costs just $ 9.99 to download a treasure hunt game. I'm sure you would be the talk of your family and friends for this unusual exciting party idea.

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