Robot engineering - Theme party ideas

There are so many robot movies about like Transformers, Wall-E, i, Robot, Bicentennial Man. The list goes on! And who could forget the classic Star Wars robots, Johnny 5 in Short Circuit and the Terminator movies? So its easy to see why children go crazy over robots. They would clear out all the figures out the toys shops if they could I'm sure!

The Fascination With Robots

There is nothing your children see like it in real life is there? The idea of a futuristic indestructible robot superhero that has special powers is fantastic to watch. And children always love to reenact this in their play. This theme can be brought into treasure hunt games and make their playtime a lot more interesting.

How To Bring The Robots Theme Into A Treasure Hunt

You may not necessary associate robots with a treasure hunt at first. But you can integrate it into the game effortlessly. You could get some cardboard boxes and make holes in them for your children's arms, legs and other parts of the body. Used toilet roll tubes are great for little robot hands! Let them paint in their creation and be their own robot character for the day.

If its for a children's party you could prepare a few boxes of your own a couple of days before perhaps and let the other children choose their body parts before the treasure hunt begins. We have free themed robot invitations that would be perfect for your children to hand out to all their friends and get everyone excited about the party.

What Else Can We Offer You?

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