Passover - Celebration of Freedom ! - Theme party ideas

Passover is all about telling the story of the Haggada to the younger generations. The holiday revolves around the younger kids, with them taking important parts in the holiday feast. The holiday is packed full with symbolism and amazing stories. One of the exciting traditions for kids is the hunt for the Afikoman (a piece of Matzah dedicated to the hunt). The parents hide the Afikoman at the beginning of the Passover dinner and the kids later need to search the house for it. Once the kids find the Afikoman, they receive their gifts and rewards for the holiday. You can make your Afikoman hunt more exciting by making it into a treasure hunt, where a trail of clues and puzzles lead the kids searching around the house, and finally find the Afikoman. Our online form lets you very easily make up a game, you don’t have to think up clues and puzzles, we have a large stock of puzzles for every age, and we automatically select the puzzles for you. When you finish creating the game online, you will receive a printable file with all of the clue pages with our special Passover graphics and fun facts about Passover. All you are left to do is print the pages and hide them around the house. You also get to write your own greeting for your kids for when they find the Afikoman.

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