Outer space - Theme party ideas

Travel to a place that so few have ever gone!

Put on your helmets and warm clothes, because we are going on a bumpy ride - destination Space! Are you a space-lover, or is your child? In that case this is a great activity for you and your child or friends to strengthen the bonds of friendship! Attended for, but not limited to, boys ages 5 and up, this is a guaranteed hit!
A treasure hunt in space is great for anything ranging from a Sunday afternoon with the family, birthday parties or any other sort of gathering!

The setup

To create a space like environment you can darken the windows by putting black paper on them. But before yo tape the paper to the windows it could be a fun idea to poke small holes in the paper to create the effect of stars shining! Don't forget to hang up paper planets, and maybe a few paper rockets to complete the transformation!

After returning home safely

After the scavenger hunt is over you can bake some star shaped cookies. Once the delicious cookies have been eaten you can put on a great space related flick such as "Fly Me to the Moon" or "Wall-E" and relax after this exploration packed activity!

Find the Right Puzzle For You

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To create your hunt, all you need is the online tools found here to select an age group, theme and clue locations. Leave the rest to us! The treasure hunt game is automatically created with all the puzzle pages. Then you just download and print it out. We are sure you'll find the hints, tips and ideas we have here very useful.

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Treasure hunt Clues and Ideas

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