Mother's day - Theme party ideas

Mother’s Day is a lovely time to show that person how much you love and care for them - even if you don't usually tell them. Actions often speak louder than words don't they? And a nice way to get young children involved in your day is by doing family treasure hunt. You can make it into a party for close family and get them involved in the treasure hunt also. This game will keep the children occupied for a while so you are not stressed out on your special day!

Your Mothers Day Treasure Hunt Party

These hunts are a great way for your child to spend quality time with you. You will have good fun figuring out the puzzles along the way and enjoy the prize together at the end. The treasure prize could be something like a DVD with some popcorn or a picnic basket full of goodies for you to induldge in in your garden/back yard or a local park perhaps?
If you wanted to do something for your own mother you could do that too. You are never too old for a treasure hunt! And you would have some laughs together watching her take part. Their treasure would be your card and present to them.

Creating A Themed Treasure Hunt Game

As well as the Mothers Day Theme you will find lots more themes here that you can use in the future for birthday, slumber parties adult gatherings. Plus tips, hints and ideas to assist you in your game making. All the treasure games are suitable for children from 3 years old upwards. Why not make use of the invitation creator tools we have here to match your theme? Its free! And you can make your treasure hunt party more official and exciting then.
To make your treasure hunt game you just select an age range, theme and the clue locations that you want to use. All these options are pre-written so all you have to do is select from the drop down menus. When you're done a high graphic colorful game is automatically pieced together for you. Then you can download it to your computer and print it.
A treasure hunt game costs just $ 9.99 each and will give you hours of joy and memories. If you want to make some more themed games you can save money by using our 'Best Value Offer' that gives you 10 treasure hunt games at a bargain price!

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