Make Your Own Jumble Puzzle

You will need: Digital camera, photo editing software or an unused relevant picture/photo and scissors.

Suitable for ages: 3 years old +

Jumble Puzzles are wonderful for giving your child's mind a work out during the treasure hunt or scavenger hunt games as they try and piece the sections together.

And they are really easy to create too. All you need is picture and some scissors. there are two ways you can do this depending on how your knowledge is using a digital camera and photo editing software.

The first is by using a picture or photo that you don't need. This could be a page out of a colouring book perhaps or a magazine. But remember it needs to a relevant clue to where the hiding location is.

The best way is to take a photo of the hiding place using a digital camera. For instance a picture of a child's bed. Then once your photo is uploaded you can either print it off or use a photo editing software site to add text to it to write a riddle of some sort. (as shown in the example to your right here). Adding the text is probably more for older children really.

Then follow these steps:

1. Once you have your picture using scissors cut out small squares that can be pieced back together again. Imagine a jigsaw puzzle.

2. Jumble up the pieces and leave them in a pile in the hiding location.


Don't Want The Hassle? Use Our Jumble Puzzles! ...

We have two versions of Jumble puzzles for pre-school and older children. They come ready made with the sections already jumbled on the page. This gets your child more involved as they are the ones who will do the cutting out and then reassemble the pieces in the correct way.

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