Create a black-out puzzle.

This puzzle is simple and appropriate for young kids, between 6-10 years old. In this game, the child blacks-out letters from a given word. when they are finished, some letters will remain on the page, spelling the hint (look at solution below). How to do this:

  • Write a hint to the location of the next clue.

  • write the letters spread out and in several rows, and write them with non-consistent spaces between letters. 

  • You will later insert random letters in between the letters of your message (see the solution below and you will get the idea).

  • It is best to keep the hint very short, 1-2 words.

  • pick an expression or word that is made up only of characters which are not in the hint.

  • write letters from the expression randomly in between the letters of your hint.

  • Give this expression as the key for solving the puzzle.

Important Tip: When solving - it is better to circle out letters instead of blacking them out and to use an erasable pencil, so any mistake does not ruin the puzzle.

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Here is how it looks when solved: