Create a mirror puzzle.

This puzzle is simple and appropriate for young kids, between 6-10 years old.

To solve this puzzle, the kids can do one of the following:

1. Go to a mirror and look at the picture through a mirror

2. look at the page from the back through a strong light.

Obviously, going to a mirror is quite easy, you can challenge your kids by asking 'can you solve this without a mirror?'.


How to make this:

You can use any of several software products to do this, we will suggest the simplest, which is also free and that is simply using paintbrush software which comes with windows. 

First, use the text tool to write your riddle, try to fill up most of the page, use 3-4 lines of text

making a mirror puzzle









Next, select all (Ctrl+A),

Finally, go to the 'rotate' menu and select, 'flip horizontally'

how to make a mirror puzzle









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  mirror puzzle


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