Fairies - Theme party ideas

Do you have a young daughter? Does she like to have friends over, or is her birthday coming up? Are you having trouble finding activities for the occasion? You have come to the right place! Our fairy themed scavenger hunt is perfect for the occasion!
Intended for girls ages 5-12, everyone at the party is sure to enjoy themselves.
This is a fun active game that gets everyone involved and is sure to make your daughter's party the talk amongst everyone!

This hunt can be completed as a collective effort, or divided into teams - whatever you and your daughter decide is appropriate for the party's mood!
Before the hunt starts make sure to have an art project making fairy, flower, leaf and tree shaped stained glass as well as drawing and coloring these and other shapes and pictures, in order to transform the house into a magical forest where fairies live!
Along with this fairy themed treasure hunt the girls can put on a small play, to allow them to dress up as princesses and magical fairies.
Another fun activity to add to this already magical theme, is baking cookies together sprinkled with magical fairy dust! Once the cookies are baked you can serve them along side a forest of green goodies to resemble the natural fairy surroundings.
In the case of a slumber party, the girls might be interested in watching Peter Pan or other movies with fairies such as Cinderella.

Looking for Other Party Ideas?

With over 20 themed scavenger hunts and constantly adding themes, you are sure to find the right theme for any of your events!
We offer scavenger hunts and treasure hunts for kids ages 3 and up, as well as adults! Our age groups are divided into 4 major age categories. We even offer puzzles for preliterate children! These and all the rest of the puzzles are made with lively pictures directly relating to the theme!
If you are looking for something a little bit more challenging, we have that as well! We also offer unique puzzles that require creative minds to decipher and read the clues, as well as jigsaw puzzles that need to be cut out and assembled. We also have morse code puzzles for the code enthusiast!

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