Dragons - Theme party ideas

Is your son having a birthday party soon and you still don't have an idea of what to do? Our dragon themed scavenger hunt is great for last minute party activities.
Intended for boys ages 6-9 (but is also great for all ages), the dragon themed scavenger hunt is great for a bunch of energy filled boys!

Have the boys help convert the house into a cave where the dragon lies and protects the treasure. You can cover the windows with paper bags to create the effect of a cave. Create some paper-mache rocks and paint them brown and lay them out around the house to add to the cave feeling. Paint some cardboard red and lay them around an area to symbolize lava surrounding something valuable (maybe the treasure?).
Once the cave has been created and the excursion is ready to set out, make sure the little knights don't forget to suite up! They will need their shield and sword to help protect them against the dangers involved with such a dangerous mission.

Besides this great theme, we offer over 20 different themes great for any ages and any occasion so you are sure to find what you're looking for! With four major age groups, everyone can partake in this exciting activity. We offer jigsaw puzzles and vibrant graphics for kids who are still to young to read. For the more challenging hunts, we have cryptic clues that require creativity to crack them. We also have morse code and other strange fonts for those in tune with their detective side!

Its easy to make your prefect hunt! Just select the age group, the theme, the clue locations and we automatically create it custom tailored to your liking!
Make sure to also download the free matching invitations!

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