Fascinating Dinosaurs - Theme party ideas

Dinosaurs have always been a favorite amongst children for a long time. Who would have thought 265 million years later we would be playing with these extinct animals as toys?

What's The Real Story?

For something we have never seen there is a huge interest in dinosaurs, isn't there? I love to wonder what the real story is behind their disappearance. Did a meteor come and destroy the world at that time? Did a volcano swamp all the land and everything with it? Or did the Ice Age come leaving dinosaurs to eat each other, freeze to death or eventually starve?
Films like Jurassic Park, Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaur, Disney's Dinosaur and many more have peaked children's interests.

Children Doing What Dinosaurs Do Best!

And that would be hunting of course! So getting your children involved in dinosaur treasure or scavenger hunt games would be ideal. With the popularity of dinosaurs rising all the time there are lots of things you can get that would fit in really well for children's parties.

You have probably seen dinosaur shaped fish sticks? Serve these with some fries and it makes a nice party lunch. For a simple desert get some ready to bake shortcrust pastry, shape it into things like dinosaur footprints, leaves, bones, teeth etc. Then once cooked pop some strawberry jam on top for a tasty treat. If your kids are not too squeamish you can even tell them the jam is dinosaur blood!
If you are doing a dinosaur themed birthday or slumber party you can use our free dinosaur invitations to fit in with the occasion.

Use Our Tools To Create Unforgettable Treasure & Scavenger Hunts

You can find a huge collection of games and puzzles that are suitable for children of all ages. All of them have high quality colorful graphics to grab your children's attention and you can find plenty of tips, hints and ideas that you can use as part of your themed treasure hunt also.

Games can be made here online in no time at all just by selecting a few simple options such as a theme, age group and clue locations. Once this is done the game is automatically created for you so you don't have to think or do much at all really! You can just sit back and wait for your games and puzzles to come off the printer.

A single game costs just $ 9.99 that you can buy on a pay as you go basis. You just pay for what you need rather than a package. Making it an affordable option to give your children a 'roaaarring' time!

Treasure hunt Clues and Ideas

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