Amazing Bats! - Theme party ideas

Films like Batman have made children become fascinated with superheroes and be more interested in bats. And for the adults vampires is always the thing that comes to mind isn't it? Just the thought of the bats sleeping hanging upside down in the dark and using their special Sonar senses to know where they are going makes it more creepy.
You don't have to wait till Halloween to get all spooky either! You could have bat themed treasure hunt parties. Think children's birthdays, slumber parties and adult gatherings. Of course an actual Halloween party for this theme would be ideal too if it's that time of year.

A Bat-Tastic Party!

This theme makes it easy for everyone to dress up with the popularity of costumes you can get. Children could be little Batman's and the adults could dress up as vampires for their party. Or for something simple just have everyone come dressed in black. For adults dim the lights, put out plenty of candles etc to get the right eerie atmosphere. You could hunt for the treasure in the dark with just a torch for light to see the locations and clues.

A novelty for children would be covering a dining table with blankets to make it into a bat cave den. Make it as dark as possible but they need to be careful they don't bang their heads when inside! They can crawl inside the den for the treasure at the end.

Get Your Treasure Hunt Game

Treasure hunt games can be for children 3 upwards and adults. We have plenty of themes here to suit both. All of them come with high colorful graphics and you can download free themed invitations to match. The games are so quick and easy to make you could have a game printed off in just 5 minutes.

All you do is use the online tools here to select an age range, theme and clue locations and the rest is done for you at the click of a button! The treasure hunt game is automatically created with all the puzzle pages. Then you just download and print it all off. I'm sure you would also find useful the many hints, tips and ideas we have here with every theme page.

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