Barbecue - Theme party ideas

With summer comes BBQ season! Are you worried that you won't have a way to occupy all the kids (and maybe some adults), during these fun gatherings? Worried that the kids will be restless waiting for those juicy burgers? Or, worse yet, they have finished eating and are bouncing around fully recharged, while you just want to sit and relax with your guest?
This is the perfect activity to occupy everyone! With no minimum age - no one is too young to participate in this fun filled scavenger hunt. The activity will also get the adults excited and will transform your barbecue from an ordinary meal, to an exciting adventure that will be remembered for a long time!

The hunt is great for a fun group activity, or for a competitive team game!
The nature of this game lets you decide what ever you want, and fully customize it to your preference. If you decide to have a competitive afternoon, the teams can be made up of boys vs. girls, grown-ups vs. children, your family vs. the other family or any other division that you think of!

Looking for something a little more specific? We have you covered on that too! We offer over 20 different themes, and we are constantly adding new ones! We have great themes for birthday parties, holiday events, and everything in between! Whatever event you are planning, it is sure to be the talk amongst your family and friends!
Our themes come in many different styles, one is bound to be perfect for the age group the hunt is intended for. We even offer hunts for preliterate children. Those clues are made up of vibrant pictures describing the clue, or jigsaw puzzles that when assembled reveal a clue. For the older crowd we offer cryptic puzzles and other unique fonts to bring out the detective within each player!

Make sure to download the free theme matching invitations for your party!

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