Back to School - Theme party ideas

School is just around the corner, so what better way to get your kids back into the mindset of learning than with a fun and exciting scavenger or treasure hunt?
Similar to the idea of "The Magic School Bus" that gets kids excited about learning, our fun game will teach kids new things in the form of a game.

Let the Fun Begin!

Its time to go on an amazing adventure to discover the wonders of our wold! Excite your kids about learning by going on a scavenger hunt to discover new things about the surrounding world.

NASA, we have take off!

If your kids are interested in space than tell them your on a mission to find a new planet. As the game goes on each item that needs to be found should have something to do with outer space. At the end the final item can be a map of outer space, with a little bit of information about each planet.

If animals, are more your cup of tea

Than have each item be something to do with a different animal family. The final item to be found can be a stuffed animal, or animal crackers, and for each cracker offer a fact about the animals.

Get Your Treasure Hunt Game

Our wide variety of puzzles is perfect for any age group, from children ages 3 to adults! We offer over 20 different puzzles for any age or occasion! We offer puzzles that are excellent for kids who still can't read. These puzzles are made up of vibrant pictures and jigsaw puzzles. We also have puzzles that need mirrors to be solved or strange fonts and optical illusions to challenge you at every step. Other puzzles that we offer include cryptograms, morse code puzzles and more! All of the puzzles come with lively graphics and you can download free themed invitations to match. THe process of creating these games is easy and takes less than 5 minutes!

All you need is in one place! Use our online tools found here to select an age group, theme and clue locations to create the game. Leave the rest to us! The treasure hunt game is automatically created with all the puzzle pages. Then you just download and print it out. We are sure you'll find the hints, tips and ideas we have here very useful.

Making a treasure hunt game costs just $ 9.99. If you're looking to play several games at your party you should check out our Best Offer Value package offering 10 games at a bargain!

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