Autumn - Theme party ideas

The leaves are changing colors and falling off trees. As these leaves fall they create a perfect hiding place for treasures! Kids always enjoy jumping into piles of leaves and scavenging for the treasure that are hiding beneath!
Now you and your kids don't have to wait till this wonderful season arrives to go on scavenger hunts!
We bring the fun and excitement of the scavenger hunt to you during any season be it autumn or not!

Great for kids ages 3 and up as well as adults, you can play this during your children's birthday party, a friendly hang out, or while having a fun family afternoon!
Besides being great for any occasion, this is also an excellent way to show who is the best detective! You can solve this scavenger hunt as a group effort or divide into teams, what ever you think is right for the event that you are hosting! The teams can be boys vs. girls, adults vs. children, autumn birthdays vs. spring birthdays, or any other division you can think of!

Once you have completed the scavenger hunt you can continue onto a fun activity of baking delicious fall desserts such as gingerbread cookies, or heating up some warm apple cider!

Looking for something else? We have over 20 different themes, and we are constantly adding new themes!
We offer unique clue styles such as jigsaw puzzles that need to be assembled which are intended for preliterate kids. Other puzzles that we offer are morse code and other challenging cryptic messages that require creative thinking to decipher the hidden hint!

Creating your own, custom tailored scavenger hunt is simple! Use our menu to easily choose the desired theme, age group and clue locations. Voila! In 5 minutes you can have your puzzle printed and ready to go!

Making a treasure hunt game costs just $ 9.99. If you're looking to play several games at your party you should check out our Best Offer Value package offering 10 games at a bargain!

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