Ancient Egypt - Theme party ideas

Travel back in time

Go back in time to the land ruled by Pharaohs. To a land where magic is as common as running water!
Go on an amazing adventure to find the Pharaoh's hidden treasure while learning and discovering new and exciting things about this historical culture! Great for any occasion from a family activity to a birthday party and anything in between.

Have fun while learning

This is an excellent activity to do with the children. They will love it because its full of adventure and excitement as well as competitiveness. You will love it because you will be spending time with your children and they will be learning new things about the first super-power in the history of the world.
If you are looking to have a friendly game then go straight to the scavenger hunt. However, if you are a little daring, split up into teams (boys versus girls, adults versus children, or whatever other divider you see fit) and watch as the smile grows on the children's faces.

The hunt is over but the fun isn't

After the scavenger hunt is over there is still plenty to be done! You can create paper mashe mummies. Once the mummies have dried paint and decorate them just like the Egyptians used to do! Other fun activities that can be done are building pyramids from legos or making paper mashe pyramids or Sphinx.

Looking for other party ideas?

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