Thanksgiving - Theme party ideas

The entire family is coming for Thanksgiving dinner, and you're worried about how you are going to keep everyone busy during the preparations? Are the kids done with their food and getting restless? Well you've come to the right place! A Thanksgiving themed scavenger hunt is perfect for the occasion.
Appropriate for all age groups, you are sure to get everyone involved and having fun in matter of minutes!

Its turkey season!

Its that time of year again! The turkeys are hiding and the hunters are hunting. Its up to you and your team to save Turkey Day for everyone! You have uncovered the turkeys' map to their hiding place! You must get to them before they realize that someone is on the path to locating the super secret hiding place. This is a race against time. Will you be able to complete your mission, or will the turkeys flee once again?
Everyone who wants to participate in this heart pumping hunt, should be split up into equal teams. To begin the game the first hint should be handed to all the teams at the same time.

Mixing It Up

Want to make this game a little more competitive? Divide the teams into The Colonists and The Native Americans. The Colonists are hunting the turkeys. The Native Americans are trying to reach the turkeys and help ward off the Colonists.

Get Your Treasure Hunt Game

Treasure hunt games can be for children 3 and up as well as adults. We have plenty of puzzles to suit both age groups. All of them come with lively graphics and you can download free themed invitations to match. The games are quick and easy to make! You could have a game printed out in just 5 minutes.

All you need to do to create your hunt is use the online tools found here to select an age group, theme and clue locations. Leave the rest to us! The treasure hunt game is automatically created with all the puzzle pages. Then you just download and print it out. We are sure you'll find the hints, tips and ideas we have here very useful.

Making a treasure hunt game costs just $ 9.99. If you're looking to play several games at your party you should check out our Best Offer Value package offering 10 games at a bargain!

Treasure hunt Clues and Ideas

treasure hunt form

treasure hunt theme gallery
thanks-giving treasure hunt

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