Reptiles - Theme party ideas

Love snakes and crocodiles? Interested in how they are so well at hunting their pray? Think your hunting skill is as developed as theirs? Why not prove it? This fun activity, great for anyone and any age, allows you to do just that!
Show off your skill in hunting pray or treasure by going on a treasure hunt!
This fun-filled activity is perfect for any occasion whether it be a birthday party, a friendly gathering or just an afternoon with the family. What ever it may be, it is bound to be a hit!

The transformation

Make sure to complete your reptile theme by converting your home into a reptile friendly habitat!
Do this with your kids prior to kicking off the game, for added excitement and thrill to this already exhilarating game!
Step One: Dim the house by hanging dark drapes - snakes live underground and come out at night.
Step Two: Decorate the house with either pictures of trees and forests, marshes and high grass, or with yellowish pictures of sand-dunes and cacti. Snakes love lush grass landscape and alligators can't live outside wetlands and marshes.
Step Three: Lay out candy symbolizing different insects and smaller animals that reptiles feast on!
Step Four: Split up into teams. These teams can be as big or small as you like!
Step Five: Have fun!!

We offer a wide selection of themes for any occasion. You are sure to find the perfect theme for the occasion! We have themes for preliterate kids which are made up of vibrant pictures and the clues are jigsaw puzzles that need to be assembled.
Looking for something a little more challenging? We offer a wide variety of challenging puzzles ranging from weird fonts to morse code and cryptic messages!

Its a quick and easy process to create your personal scavenger hunt! Just choose the theme, age group, and clue locations, and we take care of the rest!
Make sure to download the theme-matching invitations for free!

Treasure hunt Clues and Ideas

treasure hunt form

treasure hunt theme gallery
reptiles treasure hunt

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