Cute Puppies and Animal cubs - Theme party ideas

One of our best childhood memories is probably taking trips to the zoo with mom and dad. And it's a perfect day out for your kids too. If they have been before I'm sure they know what their favourite animal is already. A furry polar bear? Cute pigs? Mischievous monkey? Or maybe they just prefer an adorable puppy or kitten instead?
A nice way to share their love of animals would be by throwing them a special animal themed treasure hunt party. This could be for a birthday, slumber party or just a fun way to have their friends round for a play date.

An Animal Adventure

Most children will always have a favourite cuddly toy that they carry around with them or keep in their bedroom. The treasure hunt event could be like a teddy bears picnic or a girly tea party. All the children bring a cuddly toy and have it sat next to them on the picnic blanket or table. White paper plates are great for drawing animal faces on to use as masks. Cut some holes out for the eyes, nose and mouth so the children can wander around being their favourite animal.

They could even wear their masks as they play the treasure hunt game pretending to be the animal they have chosen.

Making Your Treasure Hunt Game

We have a vast amount of treasure hunt games, hints, tips and ideas to browse through. When your children have tried out the animal treasure hunt they may be interested to try out our Dinosaur Theme Hunt or one of the others perhaps? There are games suitable for children as young as 3 and upwards (even adults). You can get all the children excited about the upcoming treasure hunt by using our free invitations creator tool. There are even animal themed ones to match.

You can create a treasure hunt game online here in just a few minutes simply by selecting the age range, theme and clue locations. Once done a high graphic colorful game is automatically generated with all the puzzle pages ready for you to download and print off.

A treasure hunt game costs just $ 9.99. There are no monthly subscriptions or fees. You just pay for each game that you download and that's it!

Treasure hunt Clues and Ideas

treasure hunt form

treasure hunt theme gallery
puppies treasure hunt

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