Pretty Princesses - Theme party ideas

Every little girl wants to be a princess don't they? You have got the pretty dresses, the crowns, the giant castle and the handsome prince. And a princess story just wouldn't be right without the wicked fairies or evil step sisters would they!?
Little girls love to reenact these fairytale stories in their play all the time. So if you have a birthday coming up for them what better way than to bring this theme into a sweet and girly treasure hunt party?

Party Like A Princess!

Its your little girls big day so they are going to want spoiling and their friends too - meaning lots of activities and food!. You can make crowns easily using some thin cardboard (the colored stationary cardboard is ideal if you can get it) Using a large piece wrap it around your child's head to measure the fit and secure it with a bit of tape. Then you or your child can cut out a crown shape, decorate it and secure it all up properly afterwards.

A treasure hunt game could be put together with a fun party tale that the kings treasure has been stolen and all the princess guests have to work together to find it.

Getting Your Treasure Hunt Game

You can create some fantastic treasure hunt games here on this website for birthday or slumber parties for children as young as 3 years old upwards. As well as make some beautiful princess theme party invitations - for free!

Creating a game is really simple and requires hardly any input at all from yourself. All you have to do is select an age range, theme and the clues you want to use then everything else is done for you. Yes, at the click of a button a graphical and colorful game is then all pieced together ready for you to download and print off. It really is that easy!

The site is full of useful hints, tips and ideas that you can use in your party planning. A treasure hunt game costs just $ 9.99 to make a special day fit for a princess.

Treasure hunt Clues and Ideas

treasure hunt form

treasure hunt theme gallery
princesses treasure hunt

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