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Arr, me hearty! So your little sprogs be after some booty?

For those of you that don’t speak fluent pirate, that means “Hello my friend! So your little untrained sailors are after some treasure?”

Don’t worry, everyone eventually catches on to acting and speaking like a pirate and you will too. While you are working on your own pirate learning, get your little sprogs into their pirate training with a treasure hunt.

A Treasure Hunt Worthy of Blackbeard Himself

Our treasure hunt game comes complete with 6 pages of games, fun facts, parent tips and clues that lead to treasure. All for just $ 9.99.

To start, provide your little sprogs with the first page of the treasure hunt game. They then have to solve the game on the page to find where the next treasure hunt clue is. Each following clue works exactly the same until they have finally found the treasure.

You can customize your game to the age group that will be looking for the treasure; making the hunt easy for the little ones and harder for the older ones. Each sheet is also specially created for you to lead to where you are going to hide each clue (and eventually the treasure). With being able to customize your own treasure hunt game, no two games we sell are ever the same.

No Treasure Hunt is Complete without a Party

With our treasure hunt game, you can build a whole party around it. When your guests have all arrived, give them the first map to work on until they figure out where the next clue is. You can set up the clues to be different sections of the party by hiding it near what you are going to do next.

For example, the first clue can lead to a table with art supplies where they would make a loot bag. Once the loot bag is complete, they work on the next clue. The next clue may lead to a pile of presents for the birthday child, if this is for a birthday party. The clues would continue like this until they finally end up at the treasure.

Creating a Pirate’s Treasure

The pirate’s treasure at the end of the game can be anything you want it to be. It can be a piñata in the shape of a treasure chest that the kids get to hit at the end of the party. It can be a wood box full of gold coins, candy, fake money, fake jewelry, or whatever else the kids involved would treasure.

Making that Pirate’s Treasure Map Look Authentic

Pirates didn’t have pristine white paper to write on back then, like what we print on today. But the treasure hunt clues include games that may need to be cut up and arranged like a puzzle, so still print it out on regular white printing paper.

To give it a thicker feel though, try using a slightly heavier stock of paper.

Next, take all 6 sheets of the treasure map game and tear the edges to give them a torn look. Don't tear too much off the edge though, or you will lose part of the clue.

Finally, roll up each individual sheet and tie a piece of brown string or twine around it.

Once you hide all the clues and the treasure, you are you ready to send your sprogs out to sail the seven seas in search of pirate fame and glory.

All this pirate fun for just $ 9.99 . It looks like you found your own pirate treasure me matey!

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