Make your own themed party invitations - for free!

No treasure hunt party would be complete without the themed invitations to go with it. If you're thinking of hosting a birthday or slumber party for your child you can use this page to make the perfect invitation cards. Just follow the instructions below ...

To create your party invitation cards:

1. Select the theme for your invitation using the drop down menu.

2. Hover your computer mouse over the scroll picture area. This will turn yellow. Then click once so your cursor shows inside.

3. You can now type whatever text you feel appropriate for the party. For example "Michael invites you to come to his treasure hunt party dressed as a pirate ......." Or something humorous if you're feeling creative!

4. Click in the red area below and use this for your time and location.

5. Select the printing style from the drop down menu below as 1 Invitation per page or 4 Invitations per page depending on the size you want. The 1 Invitation pages are a nice idea for hanging on a classroom wall to use as a poster and the 4 invitation pages are good if you're looking to hand out quite a few to family and friends.

6. Click the grey 'Create Invitations' button. This will take you to a separate page where you will receive a PDF file that you can download.



Create invitations for your party!

Select theme:

In order to create your party invitations:

1.  Select the theme for your invitations from the menu above

2.  Click the yellow area to enter your invitation text

3.  Click the red area to enter the party's time and location

4.  Select the printing style. One invitation per sheet is good for hanging on a classroom wall. 4 invitations per sheet are great if you want to hand out invites to friends

5.  Click 'Create invitations' to receive your free PDF