Under the Sea - Theme party ideas

Marine life and anything relating to it is always an exciting topic amongst children and grown ups, and our marine life themed scavenger hunt is no exception! Great for kids ages 3 and up as well as adults, this and other fun themed scavenger and treasure hunts are a great way to spend an afternoon with the entire family!

Dive into a New World

Underwater life has always attracted mankind. Many people make their life's work discovering the wonders of the deep blue sea. Now, in the comfort of your own home, you can join the thousands who have ventured into the unknown! Dive into this mysterious world to uncover the treasures and secrets it offers. This is a perfect activity for the dolphin or whale lover!

Ther is room for everyone!

Our games are for any age group, thus everyone can partake in this fun filled activity!
This can be a competitive team oriented activity or a group effort. The teams can be as small or big as you desire. The division is also up to you! Some fun team ideas are boys vs. girls, parents vs. children, or any other team match up you desire!

Get Your Treasure Hunt Game

Creating a game is really simple and requires hardly any effort from you! All you have to do is select an age group, theme and the clues you want to use. Voila! Your puzzle is ready in less than 5 minutes!
We offer over 20 different themes, so you are sure to find a fit for the age group you are seeking to please!
The site is full of useful hints, tips and ideas that you can use in your party planning. All our treasure hunt games cost just $ 9.99 !

Treasure hunt Clues and Ideas

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