Slumber party ideas


If you're looking to occupy your children and haven't got any birthday parties coming up for them Slumber parties are a great idea. You could have a couple of hours of treasure hunt activities and some snacks in between. Next thing you know they will be worn out and ready for their beds. So they get to be entertained and have their friends around, and Mom and Dad finally get some peace and quiet when they are tired. It's perfect!

Treasure Hunts With Slumber Parties

Treasure hunts are not just for Indiana Jones and Pirates you know! You can create a treasure hunt game for any theme your children are into whether they are 3 or 13 years old. Should that be on space, dinosaurs, princesses or something else. There are even treasure games for grown-ups too cause why should the children have all the fun right!?

On the Theme Pages section on this website you will find some cool treasure hunt tips and ideas for the individual themes for whatever you choose for a sleepover. But of course a slumber party wouldn't be right without getting everyone in their pajamas first. Even if its not quite bed time yet. The children will love running around in the nightwear and have fun trying to find the treasure and figure out the puzzle clues.

Creating A Treasure Hunt

Don't worry we're not expecting you gather up coloring pens and paper to think up creative and exciting treasure hunt games. We can do all that for you. And you can use our free invitations creator tool as well.
When you have selected a single team hunt or multiple team hunt from the Treasure Hunts tab you will be able to choose from a few straightforward options such as a theme, age and what clues you would like. Nothing else is needed as the game is automatically created for you. All you need to do then is download and print it off.
A treasure hunt game costs just $ 9.99 to give you a different kind of slumber party.

Click here to create your game now!

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