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We have gathered more than 20 different types of puzzles, to use in your treasure hunts. When you use our online form to create your game, you both select hiding locations from our list and specify you children's age group. This way, we can select the most appropriate types of puzzles for your kids.

It is not an easy job to create puzzles which are both fun and challenging for kids of various ages, as anyone who has ever tried to do that will tell you. We have put a lot of effort into creating a database of puzzles for kids from 3 years old and up to adults! Some of our puzzles are well known types of puzzles, and some original puzzles you have never seen before.

Our puzzle variety is extremely cool, because not only that every clue includes a short riddle which leads to the next hiding location, but also, you need to solve a puzzle in order to be able to read the puzzle. This means twice the fun and twice the challenge in each clue. Each game includes up to 6 clues, each is a different type of puzzle.

treasure hunt billboard puzzle

Pre-school children (3-6 years old)

Treasure hunt games for pre-school children are maybe the hardest to create of all. This is because you cannot make riddles based on literate skills.

This is why parents usually revert to the more simple scavenger hunt game, in which the kids need only search for objects around the house of back yard.

We have created a set of great puzzles for pre-literate children, puzzles in which no reading is necessary, but in which it is still a challenge to figure out where the next clue is hidden.

Our puzzles include jumble puzzles which you cut out and re-assemble, cool folding puzzles, where you fold the puzzle, hold it against the light and suddenly see a picture, a simple maze, simple counting puzzles and more.

We have put a lot of effort into the pre-school puzzles, so the little ones can also enjoy this exciting game.

treasure hunts for pre-schools younger kids

coupling puzzle

Elementary school kids (6-9 years old)

Making puzzles for reading kids is so much fun.The fact that they have just begun reading makes it exciting for them to find meanings behind the letters. We have created really great puzzles for them. Our puzzles for elementary school kids usually comprise each of a visual puzzle which the child needs to solve. Only when they solve the puzzle, they find a short riddle which hints to the next hiding location. The puzzles and riddles are not very hard, so they are not likely to struggle with them. In any case, you get a solution page which contains hints both on how to solve each type of puzzle and hints for the next hiding location.

We do our best in our original puzzles to create visual puzzles which transcend the paper they are printed on. You will see that in many of our puzzles, you need to cut out the puzzle out of the page, fold it in a very special manner or reassemble it to solve the puzzle. this makes the game more exciting than just solving word puzzles and riddles. For example, in one of our puzzles you need to fold the page like an accordion (forwards and backwards, in an alternating fashion) and then look at it at an angle to reveal the riddle.

treasure hunts for 6 to 9 year olds

treasure hunt accordion puzzle

Older Primary school kids (9-13 years old)

We have created a set of puzzles for older school children, such that will both include an exciting visual puzzle and riddles which are a little more challenging. Still, you do not have to worry about puzzles being too hard. Generally, we tend to make them on the easy-side, so no one gets frustrated. We believe most of the fun in this game is in the hunt itself, and in the small accomplishments along the way.

Our puzzles for older primary school kids include jumble puzzles, which you have to cut and reassemble (to find the riddle), puzzles with funny fonts you have to decipher. One very exciting example is an original puzzle in which you cannot see anything until you fold it in a certain manner and look through a strong light. Once you do that you can immediately see the riddle. This is very surprising and very popular with the kids (as well as the parents). Other puzzles include one that calls for use of a mirror, translation puzzles (cryptograms) and other exciting puzzles.

treasure hunts for high-school kids


High-school students and adults

Can older kids and adults enjoy a treasure hunt game? Absolutely yes!

Even though it is sometimes difficult to mobilize you children to put aside their iphones and play a game with the family, once they get into this classic game, they can forget the attitude and enjoy this good old fun.

The secret about making good treasure hunt game clues for adults is to make the puzzles surprising and fun. This is our specialty, and we guarantee that no other place would you find puzzles of such sort.

The puzzles for older kids and adults include cryptograms, like this beautiful hieroglyph cryptogram on the right, mirrored folding puzzles, accordion folding puzzles and others. Maybe the coolest puzzle of all is what we call a 'tall letters puzzle'. this is a puzzle which looks at first glance like a random selection of lines. Only when you look at it at a very special flat angle, can you see that there are actually letters written there.

we know from experience that adults can enjoy the treasure hunt game. Our game have been used on bachelor and bachelorette parties, and family events. As long as you don't take yourself too seriously, you can have fun like kids do.

treasure hunt games for adults

treasure hunt hieroglyph cryptogram puzzle

Tips for playing the game

On the bottom of the page you can see instructions (in the pink box). There are instructions on where to hide this note and instructions for solving the puzzle. Naturally, the puzzles for younger kids are easier to solve, but when solving puzzles for older kids and adults, you may need to read these instructions. Also, you get a parent's answer page, with hints for solving the puzzles and the solutions.

1. When the case is with pre-school kids, your help may be needed with cutting with scissors and with reading the instructions to them.

2. It is always good to print the clues before you play the game (like the evening before), and even try some of the puzzles yourself, to make sure that they are fitting for your kids.

3. It is always preferred to have some reward for when they find the treasure. Of course, it is preferred if you can hide the reward in the treasure location (final location in the game).

maze puzzle for pre school children


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