Our pricing

Although you can find some free tips and clues on our site, playing our game is not free.

Here is some important information about our pricing policy:



We don't make you "buy the cow":

When you buy a game on our site, you don't have to buy software you will use only once, nor do you have to sign up to a long subscription which you will not use.

You pay only for what you want to get right now !


We have a very simple pricing policy:

  • You pay per game download.

  • You pay only after completing preparation (just before downloading).

  • The price is not dependent on how many clues you choose to be in
    your game. 

  • We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not happy with the game 
    you purchased, we will refund you. Just write an email to us explaining what you didn't like with the game so we can both improve and refund you.



  Game option   Game price (total)  
  1 team game   $ 9.99 US  
  2 team game  

$ 16.99 US

  3 team game  

$ 20.99 US

  4 team game  

$ 24.99 US



best_value_offerOur Best Value offer

If you are a regular visitor to our website, or plan on becoming one, you can enjoy terrific savings with this offer. It costs you only $ 29.9 US, and for that you receive a coupon code, which you can use for 10 games.

This constitutes an amazing saving of as much as $ 70 !

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