Make your gift a treasure


bannerYou always gift-wrap the presents you give to your kids, don't you?

Now, you can make your gift-giving even more festive and exciting, by having your children play treasure hunt for their presents.

A Treasure Hunt at home

On this website, you can create a themed treasure hunt game, download it and print the clue pages on your home printer.

Once you have the clue pages, you simply hide them around the house, each clue pointing to the next hiding location.

When it's time to give your kids their presents, you simply hand them the first clue, and they head about the hunt around the house and back yard, solving puzzles and searching for clues.

When they uncover the treasure (your gift), they also find a greeting note.

create your game now

Exciting puzzles and riddles

When you create the game online, all you need to do is choose locations around the house to hide the clues. Our software will automatically select puzzles and riddles and create a printable PDF file for you.

Our puzzles are divided by age groups, from pre-literate kids up to adults, so we automatically select the puzzles most suitable for your kids.

Our puzzles are colorful and exciting and include puzzles you need to fold, cut and reassemble, look at at strange angles etc. Just check out our puzzle gallery to see how diverse they are.


Themes for every occasion

Each of our games is made of a graphical template to fit the occasion, be it a birthday, christmas, thanksgiving etc.

We also have themes by subjects of interest like dinosaurs, Dogs, cats, Aviation and many others.

We have a total of over 40 beautiful color themes, You can watch them on our theme gallery.

watch our theme gallery

More about our service

We charge $ 9.99 for a treasure hunt game, payable via PayPal or with any of the major credit cards.

You can also make a multiple-team game (meaning several groups of kids play in parallel).

To create the game, you use our online interactive form, and select theme, age group for the puzzles and hiding locations around the house and back-yard. You can also write a greeting for the treasure note.

Once you are finished making your selections, you are asked to pay through the secure PayPal website, and the game is then created and you are given a download link to your game.

Another cool thing you can do for free is create themed party invitations.

create your game now

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