How to solve our puzzles

Most of the puzzles on our website are self-explanatory, and only take a few minutes to solve, however we do have a few puzzles which are a bit more tricky. These are our favorite puzzles - they are challenging and surprising, and solving them is much fun.

We don't want any kid to struggle too much with a puzzle, so it is always good that you, the parent, know how to solve those tricky ones in advance (actually sometimes even adults struggle with them).

So here it is - how to solve our most fun puzzles, explained through pictures and videos.

Have fun!


How to solve an Accordion puzzle

In this puzzle, your kids need to first cut the puzzle out of the page using scissors.

Next, they need to fold along the fine vertical lines, in an alternating fashion (back and forth) forming the shape of bellows or an accordion (hence the name 'Accordion puzzle').

This take some dexterity, so your help may be needed. When they finish, they gaze at it from one side and surprise! the riddle just appears before their eyes.

Have a look:

acc1 acc2
acc3 acc4

And here is the fun part:

(answer in this puzzle is 'family car')


How to solve the 'Hearts' puzzle

Oh, this is extra tricky, but as rewarding.

In this puzzle, the letters of the riddle are chopped and re-organized among some clutter so it isn't easy to tell at first sight.

What you need to do is fold the page along a vertical center-line, so the two red hearts 'meet'.

By meeting we mean to say that you fold the page, so that when looking through a strong light (the page must not be from very thick paper, just plain paper), you can see the hearts overlapping.

Here is a good tip - it is best done in daylight and by holding the folded page against a window.

Once you have aligned the hearts, the letters are also aligned and you can see the riddle through the paper - how cool is that?

Have a look:


Here it is held against a window
(our window is very clean - you cannot see it)

You can notice that the page was folded about its center-line.


And this is how it looks when folded to align the red hearts:


The riddle in this one says: "Dancing or running or sneaking around, some are shiny, some are brown, wear them out, they never frown" (answer: shoes)

Solving the 'Billboard' puzzle

This puzzle is less complicated than the previous two, but let's just make sure we are on the same page. In this puzzle, the letters from the billboard have 'fallen' down and stacked up on top of each other at the same order they appeared in the original position.

To solve it, you kids need to simply go column by column, from left to right and copy the letters to the corresponding positions on the billboard, to form the riddle.

The first column was already copied as an example.

Like this:

billboard1 billboard3
billboard4 billboard5

The riddle in this example says: "Shut my door, I shut my light. Look inside and have a bite" (refrigerator)


How to solve the 'Barcode' puzzle

Well this IS tricky, I have to say. But although it is very hard, it is worthwhile. Everybody loves this puzzle once they solve it. In this puzzle, there is a word or short sentence written, however, the letters are stretched vertically so much, that they look like long lines (lines of the barcode).

What you need to do is lay it on a flat table, and lean down so your eye is almost at the height of the table. This way, with the propper perspective, you can actually see the sentence.

Important note: It really helps if you use your hand to close one of your eyes.

Look here:

The riddle in this one says: "You can take this tiny bed wherever you go" (Baby stroller)

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