Do I need any other accessories in order to play the game?

You will need a color printer to print the clue pages.

In some of the puzzles, scissors are required.

In some puzzles a pen or pencil is required.

How do I know where to hide the clues?

When you print out your game, each clue is printed on a seperate page. Each page has on the bottom the "parent zone" which contains information and instructions to the parent organizing the game. In this "parent zone" you are told on each page where to hide it before the game begins. 

Dont worry - it is not a giveaway to your kids, because during the game it only shows the location of the current clue, not of the next one!

Can I leave the kids alone with the game?

Using this site significantly reduces the efforts required from you to organize the game, however it is a bit too much to expect that everything will run smoothly without adult supervision. We believe it is best if you walk through the game with the kids and give them the required push when needed. We equip you with the solution page which includes not only the solutions but also hints you can give the kids if they are struggling with a specific clue. These hints will help them solve it without ruining the fun of the game. 

What happens if a puzzle is too hard or too easy?

In case a puzzle is too hard, you are equipped with a parent solution page which contains hints for solving each puzzle, hints for finding the next clue, and finally, the solution for each clue. As long as you are around the kids, the game will run smoothly. The purpose of this game is mainly entertainment, so you should feel free to help your kids with hints.

What is a team, anyway?

 A team is  a small group of kids, between 1-5 (yes, it could bejust  one kid) who are working together to solve the clues and find the treasure.

 What is the difference between a single-team game and a multi-team game?

Historically, the Treasure-Hunt game is played with a few teams of 3-6 persons each, competing for a single treasure. We have adapted the game to be played in your house and backyard. We have also made the preparation of the game so easy and casual that you may now choose to play it with your kids on a non-competitive basis. This is what we call a single-team game, and it is perfect as a family recreation. In case you want to accomodate many children playing (more than would fit in a single team) , then the multi-team game is good for you. For example, you can have four teams of 5 kids each for a slumber-party activity.

What happens if two teams have clues hidden in the same location?

That is OK, as long as you make it clear to the players that they should only take their clues. On the bottom of each page there's a colored box indicating "Team A", "Team B" etc. so it is not hard to distinguish between them during the game. It is also recommended that you select different themes for different teams, so it is very easy to tell between them as soon as you pick up the clue page. 

Does a multi-player game have to be competitive?

It is up to you. Each team in the multi-team game plays a completely independent game. The nature of the game thus is really dependent on how you set up the treasure location: If you set the same treasure location for all teams, and place one treasure at the end - this makes the game a competitive game. The first team to the treasure wins.  If you choose different locations for the treasures of each team, and have a seperate reward waiting for each team - then obviously everybody wins.

When I buy my next game, will it be exactly the same?

Definitely not.

We have a large database of themes, puzzles and hide locations. Each time you use this site, you get a different and refreshing game.

What is the cost of playing the game?

The cost changes depending only on how many teams are playing.

You can see a list of prices here: Price list

Does it cost more if you select more clues?

No, the cost changes depending only on how many teams are playing. You can select up to 6 clues for each team playing the game and the cost stays the same no matter how many clues you have selected. the selection of number of clues allows you to control the duration of the game.

Do I pay for a single use or is it a subscription?

You pay for a single use. Most of our customers are looking for a solution for either a birthday party or an evening with the kids, and are interested in purchasing a single use, without committing to a subscription. We feel it is only fair to charge per use. If you are interested in a subscription, you can contact us and we will arrange for it.

Can I get a discount if I purchase more than one game?

Yes, see the next question..

Can I buy a 4-team game and then use it as 4 seperate games?

Yes, you can actually do that. Each game is completely independent, and the main purpose of the multiple team option is to make the purchase easier and award some discount. If you purchase a 4-team game, you will get a significant discount and you can use it as 4 seperate games in different occasions. 

Of course, the same goes for a 2-team game and a 3-team game.


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