Insects - Theme party ideas

Insects are one of the best scavengers in the world! From hunting for food to new living locations, these tiny detectives are masters of locating what they need! The best way to experience what these tiny masters are able to accomplish on a day to day basis, is to delve into your own scavenger hunt!

Small or big, size doesn't matter!

This wonderful theme is great for any age group, be it preliterate kids who are always playing in the dirt searching for these small creatures, to adults who rarely encounter this magnificent world!
Our scavenger hunts are not only great for any age, but for any occasion! All of our games are extremely customizable for the age group and occasion! It is perfect for an afternoon with the family, a fun hang out with friends and everything in between!

After the hunt you might be interested in baking a chocolate cake covered with green icing which represents the ground and grass growing on top as a way to honor this amazing world that we sometimes forget exists!

Not quite what you're looking for? No problem! With over 20 themes and an ever growing selection you are bound to find the perfect theme for the occasion.
Along with our vast collection of different themes, we offer a variety of puzzle styles. We have colorful puzzles for preliterate kids, morse code and strange fonts for the detectives, and jigsaw puzzles for the puzzle lovers!
Making a puzzle is easy! All it takes to create your ultimate scavenger hunt is 5 minutes! Select the age group, theme, clue locations, and we take care of the rest!
Making a treasure hunt game costs just $ 9.99. If you're looking to play several games at your party you should check out our Best Offer Value package offering 10 games at a bargain!

Treasure hunt Clues and Ideas

treasure hunt form

treasure hunt theme gallery
insects treasure hunt

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