Halloween - Theme party ideas

Pumpkins, fancy dress costumes and candy treats filling the supermarket aisles? It can only be Halloween. And a good excuse to eat as much chocolate and sweets as you can. It would be rude not to wouldn't it!?
Of course its an exiting time of year for the children to get dressed up in their spooky costumes and go trick or treating. You could add to this cool day by having a Halloween treasure hunt party that can be fun for children and adults.

A Spook-Tacular Party!

The treasure hunt party should be based around creepy and scary things. Maybe not too scary if it's young children you're doing the party for! But if it's an adult party the more scarier the better! Because Halloween is so popular luckily you will be able to buy plenty of props to put around your home like rubber bats, spiderweb decorations, ghost masks, carved pumpkins etc.
For children at the end of the hunt the treasure could be one of those plastic witches cauldrons or similar filled with treats to start the children off for their trick or treat journey. For an adult party there are plenty of Halloween themed cocktails and shots you could look up on the Internet to make that look gorey but are delicious to drink!

Making A Halloween Treasure Hunt Party Game

Creating a high graphic colorful game for your hunt is very simple using our online tools. It only takes about 5 minutes where you just select a few options like age range, theme and clue locations. The game is then automatically put together so all you then need to do is download and print it off.
The games are great for any birthday, slumber party or adult gatherings. As well as the Halloween theme our website is full of various others that are suitable for children aged 3 upwards and include loads of hints, tips and ideas for you to browse through. We also have a free invitation maker tool that you can use if you want to make your treasure hunt party official.
Making a game costs just $ 9.99 on a pay as you go basis. Meaning you buy what games you want and there is no minimum purchase amount, monthly subscriptions or lengthy registration processes.

Treasure hunt Clues and Ideas

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