Make Your Own Morse Code Puzzle


Suitable for ages: 10 years old +


As you may well know Morse code was used as a telegraph code to transmit messages internationally between pilots, ship captains, soldiers and more. The code is made up of different dots and dashes representing each letter. So this would be awesome to use as a treasure hunt puzzle game.


To do this:


1. Think of a phrase or a sentence that you could use as a hint to the location of the next clue.

2. Use the International Morse code chart below and write out your hint letter by letter. You can right click and save this image to your computer too if it helps.


To note: It would be a good idea to leave a large space after each letter and a slash "/" in between each word for your spaces to avoid any confusion during the treasure hunt.

For example a hint of "bath time" would be

     _...       ._         _       ....        /        _       ..       _ _        .

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The international morse code: