Download a free example game

Take a look at this example game, before you proceed to create your own game.
As you can see, this game includes a parent instruction and answer page, 6 clue pages each containing an original puzzle, and a treasure note page to be hidden with the treasure at the end of the trail of clues. On the bottom of each page you can find a pink area with instructions for the parent telling you where to hide each clue (don't worry - it is not a spoiler for the kids, because it tells you only where to hide that clue and not the next one !).
We recommend customizing the treasure note with your kids' names, like we did in this example.
This sample game was made for kids ages 10-14 so the puzzles may be too hard for some kids. We also have puzzles for kids starting at pre-school. You can view the game on this page, or download and print it.

We wish you good-old-family-fun !