Easter egg Hunt - Theme party ideas

Chocolate eggs, Easter bunnies, children with aching full bellies. It can only mean one thing - Easter is here! And no doubt your children are off school too and feeling bored?
A perfect way to keep them occupied and save their eggs for each day is by doing Easter egg treasure hunts.

Learning About The Easter Egg Hunt

Did you know that Easter egg hunts actually go as far back as the Middle Ages? There are many traditions in different countries surrounding the belief of egg hunting and the Easter bunny. Most see the egg as the beginning of rebirth and a symbol of Spring and the bunny is seen as a symbol of fertility. One legend is the Easter bunny would lay eggs in hidden nests in forests for children to seek and find. Now there's a fact for the day for you if you didn't know it before!

Making Your Treasure Hunt Extra Special

As well as a treasure hunt game itself you can turn it into a more enjoyable experience for your child by creating a theme around it. This could be things like painting hard boiled eggs to use in the treasure hunt, decorating shoe boxes or something similar that your child could use as an Easter basket to collect the eggs in. If you're thinking of having a party you could do a teddy bear picnics theme but using bunnies instead.

We have a selection of fantastic free themed invitations that you could use for your guests as well as exciting puzzle games to use as part of the Easter egg treasure hunt.

What Else Can You Find Here?

Hundreds of different downloadable treasure and scavenger hunt games to suit all ages, hints, tips, ideas and tools to on how to create your own games. Giving you a fantastic way of passing the time away in the school holidays and brightening up children's birthday or slumber parties.

When creating a puzzle here you simply choose an age group, a theme and select clues from pre-written hiding locations. Then your treasure hunt game is made up for you automatically within a matter of minutes. All games have gorgeous colorful graphics and include different puzzles that are used as clues to bring your child to the final hiding place.

For just $ 9.99, you can have a game ready quickly whenever you need it. And it will cost you a lot less than taking your child for those expensive days out all the time.

Treasure hunt Clues and Ideas

treasure hunt form

treasure hunt theme gallery
easter treasure hunt

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