A single team treasure hunt

This is a basic game where anything from 1 up to 5 people have to work together to find clues scattered around the home and eventually get to the hidden treasure.
The treasure hunt game starts with the first clue note being handed out. The clue will be a puzzle that the group will have to solve and this will give them the answer to where the second clue is hidden. Once the second clue is found this will be a different puzzle. Its the same with the third, fourth clue and so on until the hidden treasure spot is found.

You can use anything for your treasure. If its a children's game this could be things like food treats, activity books and small toys. If its a birthday party the cake could be the grand prize. If you're using a treasure hunt game for Easter then of course the perfect find would be a basket full of eggs. Or as another idea you could always have a small egg hidden with each clue and then a large egg for the hidden treasure at the end.
For adult games you could do something like a bottle of wine, a hamper or bath treats for the hidden treasure. Use your imagination and see what you can come up with.




Multiple Team Treasure Hunt

These are great if you have quite a few people to cater for. They are similar to the Single Team Treasure Hunt games except you are able to have teams split into 4 as mentioned above. Each team works separately to the other team concentrating on their own game. And each group will have different clues to figure out so there is no confusion and have everyone end up going to the same hiding spots.



birthday party treasure hunt

Themes To Match The Occasion

When you're creating a game you get to choose a graphical theme so if your party has a special theme to it already you can work this into the treasure hunt game too. If you are playing the Multiple Team Treasure Hunt game you can choose a different graphical theme for each team to make it more interesting if you prefer.

For whichever treasure hunt game you choose they really are easy to create and will give you hours of unforgettable fun.



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