Happy Birthday - Theme party ideas

Birthday parties can be a nightmare for some parents to think of ways to keep their children occupied. This as well as it being costly if you're hiring entertainers or venues. Creating treasure hunt games is an excellent and affordable way for you to host the party in your own home instead. And each game can keep the children busy for a good hour or so.

Birthday Party Treasure Hunts

Our website offers a massive selection of themed treasure hunt games that you can create, download and print off in just 5 minutes. This as well as a variety of free puzzles, tips, ideas and invitations to go with your chosen theme.

There are lots of exciting things you can do to make your children's party special. Each treasure hunt theme that you select on our website will always give you a few ideas that you can use for that particular style party.

If your child is not into a theme as such you could always use one our standard Birthday Party or Happy Birthday treasure hunt templates. As part of the treasure hunt game you could do something like fill a room with balloons (Just the floor space would do!) The children can make their way through the balloon maze to get to the treasure's hiding spot. Or you could just fill a large paddling pool or an outdoor enclosed trampoline with the balloons instead.

Getting Your Treasure Hunt Game

Making a treasure hunt game takes hardly any time at all to organize. By trying out our user friendly tools you are able to get a game completed and printed off in minutes.
No thinking or creativity is required from you as the game is readily made up for you once you have selected a few options. Sounds good doesn't it!?

All you have to do is choose an age range, theme and clue locations from a drop down list. Yes you don't even have to think of the clue locations! Typical locations are already listed there for you to just click on. When those 3 things have been done the treasure hunt game will be automatically pieced together. You are then ready to download and print off your game.

Each game costs just $ 9.99. You can create as many games as you like as you just pay for what you need. No registration required, subscription fees etc.

Treasure hunt Clues and Ideas

treasure hunt form

treasure hunt theme gallery
happy-birthday treasure hunt

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