Aviation and Space - Theme party ideas

When someone mentions space you probably always have thoughts of aliens on other planets and UFO's drifting in the sky unnoticed by most people. Do they exist or not? That is the question scientists have been trying to research for a long time now.

What Do We Know About Space & Aviation?

There is always something that draws us into the unknown about space. Just knowing that we are on the only planet where humans, animals and plants can live and breathe freely.
Then there is the thought of where would we be without our aeroplanes to take us on our holidays and helicopters to transport the injured and report the news? Its hard to imagine what life would be like without these luxuries.
Space and Aeroplanes has always been a favourite theme for little boys rooms. And you can always be confident that you will find an aeroplane, helicopter or space figure in any toy store. And even more so after the release of the Toy Story movies with characters such as Buzz Lightyear and the Pizza Planet Aliens.

Throw A Special Space & Aviation Treasure Hunt Party!

Children love parties - especially themed ones. Having a treasure hunt style makes it different and would be popular with the other children too. This type of theme gives you so many great affordable ideas that you could use. A really simple one would be making paper aeroplanes for all the children or teach them how to create one. They can color them in and fly them afterwards (being careful not to point in the direction of other children's faces!).

Food dye is brilliant for making things look unusual. Of course green food dye would be ideal if you're looking to do alien style treats. Imagine green fairy cakes with smarties on top for alien eyes, green mashed potato and green pancakes. You could probably do this for a lot of your child's favourite foods. Another simple suggestion would be buying those rocket lolly pops. Or if you can't find any make your own using rocket shaped ice lolly moulds. Oh and don't forget green drinks like apple juice in case your little aliens get thirsty!

Create Your Very Own Treasure Hunt

This website gives you the tools to create your own treasure hunt games for children's birthday or slumber parties quickly and easily. There are plenty of different games and puzzles to choose from. All of which are full of quality graphics and color. If you have a child 3+ as well as the games you use the free invitations tool to really make the occasion special. And there are lots of tips, ideas and hints to get you in the party mood!

Each game is generated automatically for you after you have selected a few options such as age group, theme and typical hiding places from the drop down lists.
The individual puzzles featured on the site are great to use as clues in between as your children search for the final treasure spot. Once created you just download your game and print it off.

To create game is just jumi[price_1team.php]}. Just think of all the time the children will be occupied for in a treasure hunt game that you can make in minutes ...

Treasure hunt Clues and Ideas

treasure hunt form

treasure hunt theme gallery
aerospace treasure hunt

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