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“Your treasure hunt game was terrific and a huge success at my daughter’s birthday party!! It's the second time I have used your treasure hunts and both times the kids have had a great time. I'm sure we will use your service again and I will continue to recommend it to friends.”
“It is nice to know that it is a small family business. Thank you for loads of fun. I have purchased 3-4 maps so far. My kids and their friends absolutely love them. I have posted short clips on my Instagram account of the last treasure hunt as the kids found each clue and solved the riddles. When my kids (6-12 yrs) friends come over they always ask for a treasure hunt. I like to hide each clue in an envelope, sealed with a gold numbered seal (sticker). It makes it more exciting for them. I try to be creative with the final clue. The first treasure hunt ended with the final clue in a wooden box that looked aged with hinges and an old map designed into it that really made it feel like a treasure chest. I like to include a prize or treasure in the final clue. Gold printed coupons that they can redeem with me such as a trip to the ice cream shop, tickets to a movie at the cinema, a trip to the toy store, chocolate gold coins etc. I was just asked today to help in preparing another treasure hunt for a kids party tomorrow. Apparently, the kids went on and on to their parents about how much fun they had at my daughters last sleep over. We might be purchasing another tomorrow“

“I purchased the treasure hunt for my daughter's 14th birthday. I bought her tickets to her first concert and I wanted to make it special. She really enjoyed the adventure and I think it made it special. I would continue to have these type of adventures for the teenage crowd - I think it is a lot fun. Great idea and I wish you great success!“
“Thought it was brilliant. Kids loved it! And was really easy and simple to sort out. Thanks”
“The treasure hunt was a huge hit and the kids had a blast. My son was turning 9 and they struggled with a few (and so did I...ha) but it made it more fun to actually have a little of a challenge, especially for 9 year old boys!!!”
“It was a lifesaver! Decided at sort of the last minute to do a treasure hunt and didn't have the energy to come up with one of my own”
“Thanks for the attention, the treasure hunt went great!! your ideas made my life easier, as I did not had a lot of time to plan it. Every birthday party since I was little, included a treasure hunt and now I do the same with my kids, but it is hard to keep it all the time new and original. There were some games here, that were never used before, so it was a total success. I am from Mexico, son the only issue was that I had to translate many of the things, so a great addition would be a translation or even the option for the client to do the translation himself”
“We loved the treasure hunt game thanks! We would love more different kinds of clues in the future”
“The game was a big hit in lots of ways -- As a busy working Mom, I loved that I could have a wholetreasure hunt, with a fun theme, in about five minutes. But the real joy was watching the kids. They had a blast solving the puzzles and running from clue to clue. I could not have been happier with the product”
“Hi Zili & Ilan, The Treasure hunt game was fantastic ! Thank you, I will be in touch next Year”
“It was splendid having a b-day party with a treasure hunt from you. Kids had a blast! Thanks a lot!”

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